31 Jul

If you’re a loyal Metal Gear fan, you’re probably anxious for the release of the latest installment. This upcoming addition to the series, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, will serve as a prequel to Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain. Written, directed, and produced by Hideo Kojima, Ground Zeroes will possess an open-world style of gameplay; this is a departure from its more cinematic predecessors in the series. Expect some controversial, mature subject matter as well: “Honestly I’m going to be targeting a lot of Read the rest of the entry

10 Jun

Video game giant Konami has announced that a Metal Gear Solid movie, stuck in the concept phase since 2006, has finally been greenlit for production by Sony after six years in limbo. The Dark Knight actor Christian Bale has expressed interest in playing Snake in the live-action adaptation.

Marvel director Avi Arad will be working on the film, in conjunction with Arad Productions and Columbia Pictures. David Hayter, the original voice of Snake in the video game titles, is reportedly Read the rest of the entry

22 Apr

If you are a fan of Transformers, then Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is definitely worth it. Just by the character list alone, it can be called a true Transformers game. Being able to see or play as 25 different Autobots and 25 different Decepticons offers an extreme amount of diversity to the gameplay. The game stands true to the excitement of the Transformers movies with high action-filled gameplay; you are constantly in battle. The game has a full single-player campaign that follows a new story-line based Read the rest of the entry

15 Dec

The year is almost over, which means every game site on the planet is about to hit you with their Game Of The Year awards. We’re not going to rank the best games this year, because we didn’t come close to playing them all. Instead, we’re suggesting some of the top moments you can’t miss this year. Check these out in the next few weeks, you’ll be glad you did.

1. Spec Ops: The Line. The surprising subversion of the player’s assumptions is worth playing through this otherwise average shooter for. It hides behind a generic military shooter genre, and then forces you to think about your actions. Watching the heroes unravel as they struggle to wrap their minds around the consequences of their actions is fascinating. Available on 360 and PC.

2. The Walking Dead. You don’t need to be familiar with the show or the comic to enjoy this game. It’s a standalone story, emphasis on story. The Walking Dead makes big strides in interactive fiction. Instead of mowing down zombies with machine guns, you spend your time navigating tense and delicate social situations. There are some gnarly moments in this five episode arc that you’ll never forget. Available on 360, PS3, PC and iOS.

3. Diablo 3. You want loot? Diablo 3 has it. So much there’s an actual shop where you can buy and sell it for real cash. After a crazy long development, Diablo 3 launched this year and proved to be worth the wait. Blizzard has shined the game to a flawless polish. You can almost set a watch to the upgrade loop. Every few minutes is punctuated by new loot, a new skill, a new level or a new enemy. Unfortunately, Diablo 3 does require an always on connection to the Internet. So if you want to play it on the go on your laptop, you might want to look into CLEAR internet service for on-the-go Internet.

Make some room in your holiday schedule for one (or all) of these gaming experiences.

12 Dec

What’s up, my fellow gamers? My apologies for not posting more often over these past few months. I let work get the best of me.

But, I have some free time now, and I’m ready to talk a little hoops. No,not actual basketball. We’re talking about NBA 2K13 for Xbox360.

When you are home for the holidays, your siblings, neighbors, or old friends may want to challenge you to a not-so-friendly game of NBA 2K13, and you need to be ready. So, if you have the chance to pick your own team (as you do in some modes of the game), here is what your starting five should look like:

PG: Chris Paul Paul may not be as explosive in real life as some other guys, but he is the total package at point guard. He is a perfect 2K13 player, because you get high ratings in speed, quickness, steals, and outside shooting.

SG: Kevin Durant I know, I know, Durant isn’t a shooting guard. So? It is a video game, and he is one of the two best players in the game. He will be plenty quick to guard opposing two-guards.

SF: Lebron James I do not love the guy, but you need to have him on your team if at all possible. He is the best there is.

PF: Kevin Love The best rebounder in the game, and the defending NBA 3-Point Champion. Yeah, I would say that’s a pretty good video game combination.

C: Dwight Howard Dwight’s big issue in real life is his abysmal free throw shooting. While it is still not good in 2K13, you can figure out his release and make this a non-issue.

Now, I struggle to see a scenario where you could draft this team, as Durant and James would likely be the first two players taken. However, it is sure fun to think about.

Game on!

16 Sep

Most of the following tips and strategies focus on multiplayer games.

1. Bots aren’t all that bad:

The combat training portion of multiplayer is a great way to get in some practice. And don’t say “well, bots are no challenge”. The fact is that Block Ops bots use decent strategies and are in fact eerily accurate in their fire. It takes them a moment to lock you, but when they do they will hit, just watch the kill cam to know what Read the rest of the entry

13 Sep

“Assassins Creed 3″ is one of the most highly anticipated games ever. Taking place during the Revolutionary War between America and England, this game focuses on the sheer brutality of warfare and combat using the weapons of the age.

The weapons for this game are very period, and many of them are inspired by the choices favored by American fighters. The tomahawk for instance, with all the deadliness of a boarding ax, is one of the favored weapons. But there’s Read the rest of the entry

9 Sep

At one time, the Xbox 360 was the gaming console everyone that had even a passing interest in video games positively had to own. In recent months it has become obvious that the sales of this excellent gaming system has pummeled and done so significantly. Is there a reason why this has occurred?

There are a few reasons that can be speculated upon in terms of why the system may be suffering from a decline in sales. Among them would be competition. Other manufacturers have released their own systems and gamers may be migrated over to these Read the rest of the entry

7 Sep

People, who enjoyed the first Borderlands game, are going to enjoy the second one even more, because not only will it have an excellent story and more weapons for people to use, but there will also be 4 add-on campaigns available for the game as well. Gearbox Software, the developer of the game, has made these add-on campaigns completely new adventures for the people that purchase them. Inside of the additional add-on campaigns, people will find new environments to explore, new enemies to kill, and new allies to enjoy the new campaigns Read the rest of the entry

5 Sep

The release of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is just around the corner and it is time we start going over what is being added to make this game better than the first. Whatever Treyarch has in mind it had better be good because the original was a great game and will be hard to match.

The main thing that stands out to me is the futuristic setting. No other game in the history of the Call of Duty franchise has attempted this. From weapons, to tactics to the enemy it is all Read the rest of the entry

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